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In 2016, West Valley City was budgeting to build two new fire stations. Rather than just rubber-stamping the funding, Karen Lang visited WVC fire stations and reached out to local fire firefighters to find out what the real need was. By working with fellow council members and city staff, she helped to re-work the budget so 3 stations could be built, rather than just 2. Karen is always working for the residents of West Valley City.

Karen Lang and her husband Brian own Oakbridge Greenhouse and have operated in our community since 1984. As a small business owner, she knows how to stretch a dollar, manage a staff and be the leader our community needs.

She is currently serving her 2nd term on the City Council and has been a member of the Planning and Zoning Committee, is on the Clean and Beautiful Committee, Jordan Valley Hospital Governing Board and Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District Board of Trustees.

Karen and Brian Lang have raised four kids in West Valley and have nine grandkids.

Karen knows our community. She knows our challenges and our accomplishments. Support Karen Lang for City Council District 3 for a better West Valley.

Phone: 801-259-6761

Email: info@karenlangwvc.com




I know that Seniors and Families quality of life are threatened by escalating property taxes. I will work to ensure Seniors and Families don’t get taxed out of their homes. As a City we need to live within our budget.  As your Council member I will make sure your money is spent responsibly.

When you drive into our neighborhoods you find many beautiful homes and very well kept yards.  We have so many residents that work very hard taking care of their property.  Well kept neighborhoods encourage young families to move in and revitalize our community.

With 10 years experience on the Planning Commission, I understand the importance of planning for growth.  We have seen a lot of growth in the city over the last four years.  We have new businesses with great employment opportunities for our residents.  We also have new entertainment choices with the addition of new movie theaters.  With all the new restaurants you can eat somewhere different every day of the week.  It is very important to have representatives from the school district at meetings, so they know the impact a subdivision will have on local schools.  The new S.T.E.M. school in Lake Park has proven to be a much needed school for the children in the Highbury subdivision.

We need to plan for the City’s future responsibly.

As a small business owner I want to help other businesses grow in the community. Creating a good business base in West Valley City will generate additional sales tax which will help cut your taxes. Increased business adds jobs and creates a stable tax base.  I have owned and operated Oakbridge Greenhouse in the city since 1984.  We have seen a positive growth in the city that has allowed us to expand and serve the people of West Valley.

Making it easier to get around the city safely is very important.  Effective traffic flow and mass transit are an important part of Economic prosperity in our community.  The addition of the Mountain view corridor will have a big impact on our community.  Over the next 3 years there will be continued construction to connect MVC to the 201.  This will make for another driving option for our residences on the west side of the city to get to and from work easier.

It has been my pleasure to serve you as your Council member for District 3.  The city has grown in the last 8 years.  We have new businesses that employee more of our residents.  We also have more shopping and entertainment opportunities in West Valley.  As your Council member, I will be a leader to insure that the city council and city staff work together for the residents of the city.  Our city motto has been “LIVE, WORK AND PLAY” in West Valley.  We have all the facilities to do that now and I do Live, Work & Play here.  I am proud to tell people I live in West Valley City and invite them to the food trucks on Thursday night at Fairbourne Station, to our concerts at UCCC and many other opportunities we have here in the city.